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A Teacher's Guide to IEP's provides an in-depth look at Individualized Education Plans so you can feel confident creating an IEP that supports both the student and those who work with them.

It gives solid foundation in the IEP Process, common terminology you will come across and strategies for writing goals and objectives designed to help the teacher to understand how to support their student's needs.

At the end of this course you will have a systematic process for creating and reviewing IEPs.


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Quality Professional Development is an essential part of any educator’s career. Research into the best practices in education is a fast-paced field that is difficult for a practicing educator to keep up with. 

Garforth Education strives to bridge the gap between educational research on evidence based best practices and student learning in the classroom. The courses are not based on a particular curriculum or program but are meant to provide educators with practical knowledge and materials to improve their practice.

Each course is strategically developed to deliver clear and concise content so you can apply the concepts immediately and make meaningful differences in your students’ lives. The topics covered in our programs support learning for the neuro-typical, neuro-diverse, and minority students. 

Our asynchronous courses provide educators with the flexibility to complete the course all at once or a few lessons at a time. The individual can decide to do it on their own or join one of the options for group learning.

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For the Students

A well crafted Individualized Education Plan (IEP) can mean the difference between school success and failure for a student that has additional needs. A Teacher’s Guide to IEPs provides teachers with a structured approach to understanding each student’s unique needs as well as strategies for creating appropriate goals and objectives to support their needs.

For the Educator

Many teachers find the IEP process overwhelming and do not feel like their pre-service training provided them with enough information to feel confident when it comes to writing an IEP. A Teacher’s Guide to IEPs takes teachers step by step through the IEP process providing them with a practical approach to creating an IEP with clearly defined actionable steps to support the student in the classroom.


A Teacher’s Guide to IEPs provides teachers with a comprehensive overview of IEPs (and 504s), a structured way for creating appropriate goals and objectives for the student as well as taking the teachers through various case studies of students with different needs. A well written IEP may take longer to write, but it will save both the student and the teacher time and frustration in the future.

At Garforth Education we understand that course work is only one part of the equation for changes in teaching practices. We believe it is essential to provide support as teachers take their new learning into the classroom. Teachers who enroll in the course will also get access to our online community of support.

What’s Inside “IEPs”?

A Teacher's Guide to IEP's provides an in-depth look at Individualized Education Plans so you can feel confident creating an IEP that supports both the student and those who work with them.

This course covers the following topics:

  • The Simple View of Reading
  • Scarborough’s Reading Rope
  • The Ladder of Reading and Writing
  • ​Orthographic Mapping
  • ​Phonological & Phonemic Awareness
  • ​Phonics
  • ​Vocabulary
  • ​Fluency
  • ​Comprehension
  • ​Screening Measures
It focuses on current research on reading development.
It addresses recommendations 54, 55 & 56 from the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s
Right To Read PubIic Inquiry.
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About the Business

Garforth Education welcomes clients of all ages and with different academic needs including learning disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, and low incidence special needs.

At Garforth Education, we believe that everybody has a unique learning profile with different strengths and challenges. When considering this profile to design a personalized education plan, it is possible to find a pathway to success at any age.

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