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Executive Functions Explained

Best Practices for Executive Functions and Interventions!

Executive Functions Explained is designed for individuals who would like to learn about executive functions so you can understand how executive functions impact learning and behavior.
Executive functions are brain-based skills that develop throughout childhood, adolescences, and early adulthood.
They are the skills we use to manage our emotions, learn, change and grow as a person.

It is essential to understand executive functions and their development so that you can create an environment providing the appropriate support during the formative years of executive functioning development.
It provides an in-depth look at the Lower Order Executive Functions (Working Memory, Inhibitory Control, & Cognitive Flexibility) in more detail by providing information on:
- their development
- common areas of difficulty
- ways to support their development
- their influence on daily life

There is an overview of some of the Higher Order Executive Functions, providing information about how they relate to the Lower Order Executive Functions, ways we can support their development and the individuals who struggle with them.
This course provides an overview of executive functioning research. It looks at two classification systems (Lower Order & Higher Order Executive Functions and Hot & Cold Executive Functions).

These methods of classifying executive functions help us understand how to create environments to facilitate their development and support areas of weakness.
Executive Functions Explained provides practical information on executive functioning development and guidance for creating intervention plans for those who struggle with them.

This course help parent whose child struggles with executive functions. It provides them with the information they need to know about what executive functions are, how they develop and what can be done to support their child who struggles with executive functions.

- Kathryn Garforth, PhD, Founder of Garforth Education & The Right to Read Initiative

What’s Inside “Executive Functions Explained”?

Module 1: Intro to Executive Functions

  • Course Overview
  • Executive Functions
  • ​Importance of Executive Functions
  • Executive Functions Development
  • ​​Executive Disfunction
  • Synopsis

Module 2: Executive Functions & Research

  • Research Overview
  • ​How many Executive Functions?
  • ​Lower Level Executive Functions
  • ​​​Higher Level Executive Functions
  • ​​​Hot & Cold Executive Functions
  • ​​Supporting Executive Functions Development
  • ​​Synopsis

Module 3: Working Memory

  • What is Working Memory?
  • How does it develop?
  • Problems with Working Memory
  • ​​​Supporting Working Memory
  • ​​​Working Memory's Influence
  • ​Synopsis

Module 4: Inhibitory Control

  • What is Inhibitory Control?
  • How does it develop?
  • Problems with Inhibitory Control
  • ​​Supporting Inhibitory Control
  • ​​Inhibitory Control's Influence
  • ​​Synopsis

Module 5: Cognitive Flexibility

  • What is Cognitive Flexibility?
  • How does it develop?
  • Problems with Cognitive Flexibility
  • ​​Supporting Cognitive Flexibility
  • Cognitive Flexibility's Influence
  • ​​Synopsis

Module 6: Higher Order Executive Functions

  • Intro to Higher Order Executive Functions
  • Planning & Time Management
  • Organization
  • ​​Task Initiation
  • ​​Problem Solving
  • ​​​Attention
  • ​​​Monitoring
  • ​​Synopsis

Module 7: Supporting Executive Functions Development

  • How do you support it?
  • Baseline of Skills
  • Intervention Planning
  • ​​Explicit Teaching & Scaffolded Support
  • Visual Reminders
  • ​​​Synopsis

What clients are saying about Dr. Kathryn Garforth and the program . . .

Garforth’s course on executive functioning provides high quality, meaningful content that is easy to understand and implement in the classroom. It’s perfect for any teacher, administrator or person who wants to work with kids who have executive function exceptionalities. In my humble opinion, her direct instruction provides more value to a teacher, than any university education course I have ever taken.

Nate Joseph
Pedagogy Non-Grata

Executive Functions are needed all day , every day. They include skills like planning ahead, being organized, tieing shoelaces, packing a bag, even writing a sentence.
Executive Function is frequently delayed in children with learning disorder (eg. dyslexia, dysgraphia) or other neuroeiversities such as ADHD and ASD.

Dr. Kathryn Garforth is one of my favorite teacher of executive functions. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains difficult concept really well.

Lowenna Holt

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